Why Yang Lost the NYC Mayoral Race

There has been a primary election for the Democratic Nomination for NYC Mayor. As of June 24th, 2021 here are the first preference votes.

Eric Adams 31.7%

Maya Wiley 22.3%

Katheryn Garcia 19.5%

Andrew Yang 11.7%

Scott Stringer 5.0%

Other 9.8

Here is a list of four reasons why Yang lost

1. Israel Vs Palestine Comments.

Yang has made a rather tone-deaf tweet on Israel vs Palestine and I quote.

I’m Standing with the People of Israel who are coming under bombardment attacks and condemn these Hamas terrorists. The people of NYC will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere.

Now this very foolish to say especially when Israel just launched an invasion of Gaza resulting in the deaths of several Palestinians. Now, this comment wouldn’t be very controversial and would be okay in like 2019 or earlier. But right now public opinion has changed against Israel as more information about its atrocities in Palestine has been revealed.

His base is overwhelmingly against Israel so that would alienate his base that he needed to win.

I think Yang should have worded it better and realized that it is not a good idea to praise Israel when public opinion has changed against them so quickly.

2. Praising Kathryn Garcia

Yang has made some positive comments about Katheryn Garcia saying that she would work with him as Mayor of New York City and saying that she is competent. That is a big mistake because it is never a good idea to praise someone who is running against you. You wait till after the election and then you can praise them.

3. Yang spent Sometime Away From NYC During COVID-19

Yang has spent much of Covid-19 in his home in Upstate New York. This made Yang look bad because Yang went away from NYC during the pandemic while people were struggling in NYC because they couldn’t leave the city.

He should have stayed in NYC though in Yang's defense I don’t think he was considering running for Mayor at that time.

4. Overpromising.

Yang has proposed throughout his campaign multiple policies that were very popular but required lots of money to pay for and voters just didn’t believe he can pay for these policies. These can include improving the cities infrastructure, building public housing, and a Basic Income Plan.

Yang lacked a plan to show how to pay for these policies so as a result voters just had a lot of trouble believing he can actually deliver on these policies. Yang needed to offer a plan on how to pay for these policies.

5. Yang was Popular Online Eric Adams was Popular in Real Life.

Another issue with Yang was that he was promoting issues that just weren't that much of a concern with New Yorkers. Eric Adams appeared to be tough on crime as well school choice and excellence and honor programs and school safety. These issues are popular in NYC in real life but not online. Eric Adams was clearly in support of these issues while Yang was not. Infrastructure, Public Housing, Basic Income are not on NYC voter's minds right now crime is the number one issue to them and Yang didn’t understand that while Eric Adams did and that is why he is likely to win.

Eric Adams was more clear on the issues and made it his top priority but Yang did not.

Also, people need to understand that the online world is very different from the real world. So for example. Progressives are very popular online but not in real life.

The reason why Progressives have a larger presence online is that they are younger and statistically spend much of their spare time and get their news online. While Centrists who are mostly Gen X, Boomers, or Silent Generation spend most of their time on Cable News.

There are more Centrists than Progressives but there are more Progressives online than Centrists. This creates an illusion that there are more Progressives than Centrists.

Also, Younger Voters are unreliable because they have 9–5 jobs and have kids to raise while older voters are retired and most of their kids have grown up they have more time on their hands than younger voters so since older voters are more centrist than centrists wins usually.

The only areas Progressives win are college towns and metropolitan cities everywhere else they don’t do very well. Pretty much all the areas where Progressives have Representatives are in extremely metropolitan districts and they rely too much on people from college towns and big cities and need to appeal more to rural and suburban voters.

So in conclusion Andrew Yang lost because of Andrew Yang. Anyways that is all I have and please follow me on Twitter.