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Two weeks ago there was an election and Joe Biden won with Biden winning 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232 electoral votes. My final prediction was accurate though the only difference was that in my final prediction Biden won North Carolina while Trump won Georgia but I guess it is reversed now. So it will be a 306 victory unless Trump wins the recount in Georgia which will make it 290 for Biden.

Of course, Trump is a child and can’t admit he lost so he is saying without evidence that the election was rigged. I would honestly be embarrassed losing to a dotard like Joe Biden because if you can’t beat Joe Biden then you are running your campaign terribly just read my article on why Bernie lost.

The main reasons why Trump lost is that there are a recession and a mishandled pandemic and obviously it would be difficult for any President to win reelection under these circumstances. If Trump handled the pandemic well and passed a stimulus he would have won reelection easily but of course, he didn’t.

Also, the attacks against Joe Biden didn’t land. During 2016 Trump called Hillary Crooked Hillary even though he is crooked himself and is a massive hypocrite and called Hillary a creature of Washington corruption which is also true. During 2020 he called Biden an Antifa sympathizer and Marxist which may have worked against Bernie but didn’t for Joe Biden. The only place where that strategy worked was Florida because of its high population of Cuban Americans and old people who hate socialism because they fled from Cuba and lived during the Cold War.

If I was Trump I would have called Biden Lying Biden and used the same playbook on attacks against Hillary against Biden and introduced mandatory masks in March and saved lots of lives. With the handling of COVID universally praised and Biden being viewed as a corrupt insider Trump could have easily won reelection.

Despite this, the Democrats failed to win the Senate and lost seats in the House because of Biden’s campaign not running on anything besides Trump’s bad and Pelosi blocking the stimulus in the House allowing the Republicans to win the house.

If the Democrats are going to win in the future they must run on stuff like Medicare for All, Free College, and Raising the minimum wage rather than simply Republicans are bad. However, they need to avoid using the words abolish private insurance, defund the police, or socialism to avoid scaring suburban, old, and moderate voters. If they don’t do these things then they are going to lose in the midterms and the next election where there will likely be no pandemic.

Because of the Dems failure to gain the Senate, they won’t get any legislation through Congress. So they need to do better. If they are going to win. Also Trump needs to concede and agree to a transition because this sets a bad example to future candidates and presidents who lost elections to not concede and makes this country more polarized then it actually is so just concede and run in 2024 and pull a Grover Clevland if you want to be President again.

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