Why there is no Easy Solution to Israel vs Palestine Conflict

Israel is obviously an apartheid state. I live in Story County and it is common for people to get doctor appointments in a town in Ankeny which is twenty-five miles south. In Iowa, it takes twenty to thirty minutes. In Palestine to travel that much distance takes four hours or a trip from Story County to Minneapolis Minnesota. Also, you cannot build a home without a permit which the IDF never gives. There is no running water for three days while in Israeli settlements they have water 24/7. The IDF and the Netanyahu government want to make the lives for Palestinians lives as difficult as possible so they can leave and have Israeli settlers move in.

I also fear a potential genocide of Palestinians like concentration camps and gas chambers. Any criticism of Israel has been labeled anti-Semitic and nothing has been done by the UN to deal with it and American politicians have not try deal with the situation in fear of being labeled anti Semitic and also the evangelical base of the Republican party. Since Israel never faced any consequences for their actions they might push it even further and try to outright exterminate the Palestinians some Israeli politicians and Israeli citizens proposed a genocide.

Honestly, there is no easy or pleasant way to solve the Israeli vs Palestine options. The only two options are A.

The reason why these are the only two solutions is because the Israelis and Palestinians have blood thirsty views on the other. Israeli people want genocide against the Palestinians and Palestinians want genocide against the Isrealis. I know this because a journalist named Abby Martin interviewed Israelis on the streets of Jerusalem and they all expressed blood thirsty opinions.

Sometimes their is no easy or pleasant solution to a problem and I think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of them. I would go with Option 1 personally write in the comments what you think

Also their is a point I would like to make that I will like to stress. It is not anti semetic to criticise Israel. By that logic that means criticizing Saudi Arabia is Islamaphobic or criticizing the Nigerian Government is racist. You can criticize any state you want. Israel uses anti semetism to shield themselves from legitimate criticism and it is a huge insult to the nearly 6 million Jews that have died during the Holocaust.

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