Why the US Should Withdraw From Afghanistan

Today I am going to write why the US should withdraw from Afghanistan. The US army has been in Afghanistan for twenty years and it is time to leave. Here are the reasons why.

1. The Afghanistan Government Has Little Support.

The Afghanistan government has little public support they are very corrupt and are unpopular with the public because of it corruption of the Afghan Government and the Afghanistan government is viewed as a US puppet state.

Confidence in their elections is below 20% confidence in the army have dropped to 49% and 91% of Afghans says corruption is rampant in the country so it is very clear that the Afghan government is not popular though it likely changed because this Gallup poll is from 2019.

So the Afghan government cannot survive without US troops and it will be ridiculous to think the US can beat the Taliban.

2. Afghanistan Has No Value to Give To the USA.

Afghanistan may have vast poppy fields used to make opium and other drugs as well as valuable minerals such as gold. Afghanistan cannot give anything to the USA if the country is constantly at war and if the US troops there are constantly under attack by the Taliban.

You can’t mine minerals and grow and harvest poppies if you are constantly being attacked by the Taliban it just doesn’t work. The US has been unable to defeat the Taliban because of Guerilla Warfare where they hide and the caves of Afghanistan and then hit the Afghan government at their weakest point and then run back to their caves.

That is why Afghanistan is called the Graveyard of Empires. The British failed to conquer Afghanistan. The Soviets failed to conquer Afghanistan in 1979 and why the USA failed to conquer Afghanistan today.

3. The Taliban Won’t Attack America.

Many people argue that the Taliban will attack America if the USA withdraws from Afghanistan. First of all that is ridiculous because the Taliban will never attack the USA because they know if they did that the US will be back in their country and that is clearly not what they want.

So if there is an attack on US soil and the mainstream media or the US government said the Taliban was responsible then the attack is definitely a false flag operation by the Afghanistan government or US government to justify returning troops to Afghanistan.

4. Al Queda Has Already Been Driven Out of Afghanistan and Bin Laden is dead.

The original purpose of the War of Afghanistan was to get rid of Al Queda for attacking the World Trade Center on 9/11. Osama Bin Laden has also been killed as far as we know in 2011 when President Barack Obama ordered a raid in May 2011 that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Or at least what we know. There are speculations that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and is a US prisoner or a prisoner of the Pakistani Government. So his death sort of is unconfirmed.

I just wish Obama ordered that his body is photographed to prove Osama Bin Laden is dead to prove that he is dead. Just so there is no doubt about his death instead of dumping his body at sea.

Al Queda has been driven out of Afghanistan so the original purpose of the invasion of Afghanistan was already completed. They mainly are in Northwestern Syria and Yemen right now.

5. What About the Woman.

Okay first of all the US government doesn’t care about democracy in Afghanistan they couldn’t care less. As long as they control the region they don’t care. If the US cared about human rights they wouldn’t back Saudi Arabia an absolute monarchy that practices Sharia Law.

Saudi Arabia beheads people for homosexuality, sorcery, and stone woman for adultery. Also, women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to drive until a few years ago. Also, Woman must cover their entire bodies including their hair and cheeks. They cannot appear in public without a male guardian. So Saudi Arabia is stuck in the medieval era.

The USA also backs a government in Uzerbakistan that boils people alive. So if anyone on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, or anyone else says this is about human rights then they are total hypocrites.


Anyways the USA is due to withdraw from Afghanistan on September 11th, 2021 so it is two months away. So it is very likely that Biden may change his mind or a false flag attack happens so I don’t know if the US is going to actually withdraw from Afghanistan

If the US is going to withdraw from the Middle East then the military-industrial complex will have to be dismantled and all the three to four-star generals must be fired because they would go through great links to stay in these countries because war is highly profitable to the military-industrial complex which is why the USA was in Afghanistan for so long and also why the USA will continue being in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya.

Anyways that is all I have today will write one tomorrow.

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