Why the US is Polarized

I know the United States of America is currently becoming increasingly polarized and increasingly unstable. Republicans, Democrats, and Progressives have been at each other’s throats for a while and Twitter wars are constant and the polarization has broken up families and caused many people to want a national divorce or the Blue States and the Red States moving their separate ways. This won’t work since they are not connected. There are several metropolitan Democratic strongholds in red states like Texas, Iowa, and other states and rural Republican strongholds in Upstate New York and Downstate Illinois. So like it or not there is not going to be a national divorce due to logistics.

I think there are several reasons for the polarization. Number one things that are outrageous or aggressive against the other parties tend to go viral. It is simply more profitable for the media to sow division because that is what gets attention. TV news is businesses and they need to make money so they need more views and more money so they sow division to get more clicks and more advertisers and thus more money. The mainstream media sows division by calling the other side evil constantly. For Fox News, it is always all Democrats and left-wingers are Communist SJWs and for MSNBC all right-wingers are Nazi, racist, stupid deplorable.

Even the Washington Post, Politifact, and New York Times are biased and publish false information. For example, they will never contradict or say anything negative against liberal politicians or people they love like Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, etc because their primary audience is Democrats. I read a while ago that Politifact did a fact check saying the documents that Fauci experimented on Beagles weren’t true because the NIVID denied the allegations. Well, when bad information comes up on people those people tend to deny them. So instead of false it should have said unproven.

It is also to the benefit of the major political parties to call the other side evil since it relies on their base and gets them to the polls. The whole strategy was started by Newt Gingrich in the 1990s and conservative talk radio who spent a lot of time calling Bill Clinton a socialist, a crook, and a guy who killed dozens of people with dirt on the Clintons. This led to the Republican Victory in the midterm elections in 1994 because it riled up the base.

The Democrats have used the strategy years later to keep the progressive base loyal to them by saying that the Republicans will overturn Roe V Wade, Obamacare, Obergefell V Hodges, and will ignore climate change. Why the Democrats will address it and that the Republicans are all racist deplorable. Most of it is not true that the Democrats when they have been in power authorized oil drilling in the Arctic and not all Republicans are racist deplorable that is completely ridiculous.

Another problem I have noticed is that the Democratic Party is effectively two parties in a merged coalition. The Democrats in the USA are kind of like merging the UK Labour Party and Conservative Party together into one party which won’t work very well.

A lot of Progressives don’t like having to hold their nose and voting for the centrist candidate which they view as the lesser of two evils. Centrists and Progressives often argue with each other online and use personal attacks against each other. AOC and Bernie may get along with Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer but not their bases they resent each other

Also, Congress is constantly paralyzed due to the filibuster and constant obstruction by Mitch McConnell which blocks everything the Democrats want to pass even though they were the ones who originally proposed it in the 1990s under Newt Gingrich. Also, another issue is the gerrymandering, electoral college, and overrepresentation of white rural states in the Senate. The Republicans need to remain in power as they become increasingly more rural as the Democrats start to rely way too much on people from big metropolitan areas which have more people than rural areas. This has made Republicans believe people from urban areas are out of touch and SJWs while the Democrats believe people from rural areas are racist, inbred, gun-obsessed loonies.

I think hyperpartisanship is really annoying, hypocritical and very disgusting, and very dangerous. So for example in 2012 it looked like the Democrats were going to lose the popular vote but win the electoral college. The Democrats were saying yay to the electoral college while Republicans were calling the electoral college to be abolished. In 2016 when Trump won the electoral college but lost the electoral college the Democrats wanted to abolish the electoral college and the Republicans to maintain it. There are also compilations of Fox News criticizing a Democratic politician for doing something and then praising a Republican for doing the same and with MSNBC it is the reverse.

What I really hate about polarization is that it allows people to get away with heinous crimes. So for example with Trump University when Trump scammed hundreds of people out of their money and it was pretty obvious but his supporters continued to support him and believe him despite having a history of lying. People also ignored or outright defended Fauci when a story came out about Fauci experimenting on Beagle puppies by putting their heads in cages with sandflies and removing their vocal cords to test a new drug. While the Republicans were attacking him for it the Democrats were ignoring or defending Fauci. I think it is outright disgusting when the polarization goes to the point where fraud and torturing puppies is okay as long as they belong to the same political party. Doctors or politicians shouldn’t be worshiped like cult leaders and need to be held accountable for their actions and lose support when they do something bad that should be basic common sense.

I think the polarization has also undermined the independence of the judiciary which has made the polarization worse. The newer cases from recent years have been on partisan lines with 5–4 cases on partisan lines. Gross hypocrisy started with the Republicans saying that a President can’t appoint a supreme court justice on an election year when it was Obama’s final year in office. Then four years later they said that the President can appoint a justice on an election when it was a Republican President. The Supreme Court is now used as blackmail material for the Democrats to scare their base.

What I think needs to be done to solve this problem is several things. Number one is MSM needs to be less partisan and need to stay consistent like back in the Tom Brakow era. Next, the people need to stop worshiping politicians or Doctor Fauci. A good example for the USA is in Germany when one candidate for Chancellor Annalena Baerbock of the Green Party got into a plagiarism scandal. Annalena Baerbock was in the lead in the Spring and ended up in third place quickly after the plagiarism scandal on election day. Politicians need to actually lose supporters and friends when they do something bad or something bad resurfaces just like ordinary people.

Also I think an American Exchange student program will help deal with the polarization because American students can visit other parts of the country and get to know different people from different parts of the country. So students from rural Iowa get to visit a high school in New York City and people from LA get to visit rural Alabama and work on projects together. This will help decrease negative opinions of people from different areas of the country and decrease polarization. That policy was proposed by Andrew Yang when he created his Forward party which was more of a Pac.

Another way to depolarize is to get rid of the filibuster and allow for a simple majority to pass legislation in the Senate and to constitutionally require the consent of ⅔ of the Senate to confirm judges and justices on the Supreme Court and cap the number of judges at nine justices at the Supreme Court to prevent packing, maintain the independence of the courts and to avoid partisan justices from entering the court.

Another solution is to have multiple political parties instead of just two. This will reduce more outrageous attacks since the Democrats, Republicans will actually have to form coalitions with other parties to govern. So they will naturally avoid insulting each other too harshly because they might have to form a coalition later.

This will also allow for the Progressive wing to split off into separate parties and when the time comes to govern together so the Progressives and more Liberal base of the Democrats don’t resent each other anymore because my Mom and Dad got along much better after they divorced I think it will work the same for the Democrats.

To allow this to happen the electoral system needs to change from plurality voting to Rank Choice Voting for the House of Representatives and the Senate which will now have six senators per state instead of two and be elected by Single Transferable Vote. This model is used in Australia with the upper house the Senate elected by proportional representation and Instant Runoff voting for the lower house or the House of Representatives. Also let's haveRank Choice Voting for the President instead of the electoral college which should be gone away with.

I know all this because during Covid-19 I spent a lot of time in my room and the internet is all I got if I got tired of books. So I simply used it to learn about all that. I spent some time on Twitter though I don’t spend much time on there anymore because it is a really toxic place and it just highlights how hyper the partisanship is. It is clear Progressives and Liberals hate each other. Especially in major primaries between Liberals and Progressives.

Though Twitter is not real life it can show who hates each other and who doesn’t. My parents have always been loyal to the Democratic party though my views differ from them. The primary difference is that I don’t have any allegiance to any political party and I think it is best if that is the case for everyone else. I think there are some root causes we may solve but I don’t really know how the problem of cultish worship of politicians or hyper-partisan media can be solved. I think we are just going to have to wait and see.




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