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Why Julian Assange should not be Extradited to the US

Assange is currently facing extradition to the US and if extradited to the US he will be sentenced to serve 175 years in prison which is a life sentence. Regardless of what you think about Assange no one shall one shall want this and here is why.

Assange faces 15 counts of violating the 1917 Espionage Act for publishing classified information and 2 counts of violating the espionage act for putting American spies in danger. Both of them with the diplomatic cables.

However the first 15 charges is unconstitutional because the landmark supreme court decision New York Times Co. v. United States ruled that the US government cannot restrict the publishing of classified information.

Also the final two charges of the Espionage Act is leaking the names of spies in the diplomatic cables. Assange did not publish it someone else did he was working with the UK Guardian Journalist Luke Harding and he gave Luke a password with the unredacted diplomatic cables. He was stupid enough to publish it in his book resulting in the unredacted cables being released. So Luke should have been charged with these actions not Assange.

The last charge was helping Chelsea Manning than known as Bradley Manning hack into the government computer that he already had access too so he can enter anonymously and obtain the documents.

So regardless of what you think of Assange the charges violate the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Also many people point to the rape allegations and his alleged ties to Russian Intelligence as reasons to go to jail for the rest of his life I will start to explain the rape charges and then the Russia charges.

Assange was accused of raping two woman Anna Ardin and a woman named Miss W. First of all the condem used as evidence did not have his DNA and according to one of the woman he taken the condem off during sex and he was aggressive. Despite tweeting that she enjoyed her company and allowing him to stay in her apartment even when he was offered to go stay in another womans apartment.

Also according to the Intercept US intelligence actually encouraged Sweedish Prosecuters to persue the case and the allegations were after he published classified information on the US government.

The President at the time Obama didn’t want to use the Espionage Act against Assange fearing the precedent it will send. So instead he divised a plan to frame Assange of double rape.

It is called Sexpionage and the KGB, CIA, MI6 used it all the time during the Cold War, Interwar period, and Post Cold War Era. It is not surprising that the US government will use Sexpionage against Assange as revenge for publishing classified information on them.

Now I am going to talk about the Russia allegations. The Mueller Investigation, or Senate Intelligence Report about Assange never actually stated that Assange actually was involved in the hacking of the DNC or colluded with Russia.

The furthest they gone is that Assange knew that Russia given him the emails but published them anyways and that Roger Stone contacted Assange and asked if he has any more dirt on Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and he said yes. Roger then informed then Republican Nominee Donald Trump.

I think Assange hoped that by publishing the DNC emails he can get a pardon by Donald Trump as a reward for helping win. I imagine he was getting desperate and hoped that Donald Trump will pardon him. He also stated in 2015 that he prefered a Republican win over a Democratic win.

If I was Assange I would have waited till the election was over and then publish the DNC emails and Podesta emails.

Also according to to the Business Insider he said that choosing between Trump and Clinton is like between Cholera and Gonorrhea which I think he is right. But he clearly prefered Trump because of his personal grudge against Hillary Clinton who he believes tried to have him thrown in jail and is the reason he is in the Ecuadorian Embassy and he is right. After all Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State when the Diplomatic Cables were released so she must have been very cranky and wanted Assange to rot in jail for the rest of his life after that.

People also assume that Assange never publishes info on Russia but in fact he does. He published dirt on the Syrian Government in 2012 a Russian ally and published Russian surveillance efforts in 2017. So if he was a Russian agent why would he publish dirt on Russia and her ally in Syria.

People also point to his job at RT but he once tried to invite Russian opposition leader Alexei Nalvany on his show but he turned it down. Also he does not directly work for RT he makes the content and RT publishes it in return for money. However I do understand the concern of Russian ties but in 2012 there was no cold war and working at RT at the time was no big deal at the time.

Also people point to Wikileaks tweet on the Panama Papers which implicated Russian oligarchs and the tweet stated that the publication was funded by George Soros and a US agency. However on the website it states that it taken money from Open Society a group led by George Soros and a US independent agency. So he was correct that it was funded by Soros and the US government.

So right now I feel really sorry for Assange he lost his freedom and reputation and is seperated from his family. Because of his publications of the US government his kids will grow up without a father.

If Assange is going to be free public opinion is going to have to change about him which he is unpopular outside of Australia. According to a YouGov poll 53% of Americans want Assange extradited to the US.

Since less face it his trial in the UK and his upcoming trial in the US is a sham trial. He is going to found guilty because the grand jury in Virginia is filled of neoconservative warhawks and the Judge overseeing the Extradition case openly hates Assange. So it is obvious that it would be a Kangoroo trial. At least it is suitable since Kangeroos are from Australia and so is Julian. Okay that was not that funny moving on.

If public opinion is going to change he is going to have to argue why he is innocent with the arguments I provided and he also needs to be reselient and needs to survive in US prison for at least 10 years and also expose the conditions in prison.

The reason why Chelsea Manning was pardoned in the first place was because people were alarmed about her suicide attempts and conditions in jail and a significant amount of time happened after the leaks so Obama pardoned her after immense pressure.

People tended to view Daniel Ellsberg as a traitor during the Vietnam War but after a while people began to look at the Pentagon Papers and look back and view him as a hero. Whistleblowers tended to be hated at first but with time and being out of the spotlight for 10 years people began to have sympathy with a whistleblower. That is what happened with Chelsea Manning and Daniel Ellsberg and will happen with Assange if he survives for 10 years in prison.

However doctors warned about his health so it is really possible that he will perish according to 60 doctors. Due to Vitamin D deficentcy and years of solitary confinement.

I know Assange is not perfect and can be an asshole sometimes he was never curates his content when he publishes information and he was really mean with Daniel Berg but he should not be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life and his kids should not grow up without a father.

After research about Assange I don’t view him as a villain or hero but as a complex antihero like Deadpool and Severus Snape. Who can be a selfish, stupid and make terrible moral and unwise decsisions but he has exposed the crimes of the US Government and the DNC and shall not be extradited.

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