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Why AOC and the Squad Haven't Withheld their vote for Pelosi in Return for Concessions.

Pelosi has been confirmed as Speaker of the House for her 4th and final term as Speaker as she will likely retire in 2022 and the Republicans are almost certainly guaranteed to gain control of the House in the midterms.

A Twitter hashtag called #ForcetheVote has been trending in progressive circles for days now. The idea has been proposed by comedian Jimmy Dore who proposed that the Squad withhold their vote for Pelosi as Speaker unless there is a vote on Medicare for All.

Obviously, the Squad refused and all 10 members of Justice Democrats decided to vote for Pelosi as Speaker.

As a result, the Squad has been under intense criticism and has been called the #FraudSquad which trended on Twitter. I think the criticism is justified and Progressives need to change their tactics in order to win.

I understand the argument against #ForcetheVote because it has no chance of passing whatsoever and will be blocked in the Senate by Bitch McConnell but they could of at least tried to get concessions. Like get high ranking committee assignments for progressives and be able to chair a few committees or even ousted Pelosi and stated that they would vote for anyone besides Pelosi as Speaker. That would boost their approval ratings since Pelosi is one of the most despised women in the country and if she ever walked in public without security she would be lynched on the spot.

AOC and the Squad will be more popular and will boost the morale of the Progressive base and make them more powerful politically and maybe Biden and the center-right Democrats will take them more seriously and began to fear them.

The Squad will never leverage their vote for anything or try to oust Pelosi because they are afraid of Pelosi. AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the Squad know that if they cross Pelosi she will retaliate by trying to raise money for and endorse primary challengers and get rid of their committee assignments.

Most people don’t understand that if you want to get ahead in Washington you must be on leadership's good books if you aren’t then your seat is in big trouble and you get a boring committee assignment like the Forestry House committee where most people fall asleep. If you are on leadership's good books then you get appointed to important committees like the Foreign Relations Committee and the Judicary Committee.

The rules say that leadership picks committee assignments so you don’t want to insult or get under leadership's skin if you want to get ahead in Washington. Getting on Pelosi's bad side as a Democrat is like insulting the manager at Mcdonald's. You would likely get fired or demoted if you do that.

That is why AOC called Pelosi Mama Bear, she knows crossing Pelosi will put her career in jeopardy and wants to be on Pelosi's good side. In fact when she suggested Pelosi shouldn’t be the Speaker of the House she was rejected for a committee assignment.

So AOC doesn’t control Pelosi, Pelosi controls AOC. Again I like her policies but I have to be honest here and I will criticize her when it is necessary because if I praise her even when she is wrong then I would just be a cultist like a Trump supporter is.

I never expected AOC to actually support #ForcetheVote because I knew this for a while now. AOC and the Squad have good policies and they support them but care more about their careers than getting their policies passed.

Politicians are selfish or self-centered. They only care about their own power and interests or care more about their interests than the peoples or countries' interests. That is part of being a politician it means being selfish which is why the people need to hold them accountable by calling them out when they are wrong or make a bad decision because they are supposed to represent us and if the people don’t hold them to account then they are only going to serve big corporations as they have done for years now.

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