What I think of the Movement for a Peoples Party

I think forming a new party to defeat corporate interests that control both major parties in the United States is better than actively trying to take over the Democratic Party.

Honestly people like the Squad and Bernie Sanders has learned nothing from the 2016 Democratic Primaries or the 2019 UK election. Taking over the Democratic Party will require going through a corrupt DNC who will do anything to prevent a progressive from winning the nomination for president even if it means risk losing election.

Before the 2016 democratic primaries the DNC was broke and needed money after the disasterous 2014 midterm elections so Hillary made a deal with them that they will finance the DNC in return they would help her win. That is according to Wikileaks and if you don’t believe Wikileaks there is a video on the Washington Post about that.

Also it was the best interest for Bernie to lose both the 2016 and 2020 primaries anyways. Bernie was campaigning against Wall Street and for Single payer Healthcare which was harmful for the private insurance industry. Because the DNC is funded by those interest it is their best interests to prevent Bernie from winning the nomination to avoid losing corporate money.

Which is why the DNC rigged the primary in 2016 by hiding the debates, flipping peoples party registrations, closing polling places early, and purging people from the voter rolls especially in New York. After all do people really think a woman as despised as Hillary Clinton can possibly win the nomination against a populist candidate like Bernie Sanders without some form of voter suppression.

Bernie can fill arenas and Hillary can barely even fill a gymnasium because she has no enthusiasim whatsoever. Bernie was the legitamate winner of the 2016 nomination but the DNC rigged the primary and gave it to Hillary.

So I think it is a ridiculous idea that the Democratic Party can be taken over. In fact in 2018 the Justice Democrats only gained 4 seats which formed the Squad and in 2020 only three progressives are confirmed to win since they live in solidly blue districts, Jamaal Bowmen, Maria Lipinski, and Cori Bush.

So in other terms 4 people are elected to congress every two years is not fast enough. Also there is new census and Minnesota and New York is expected to lose a seat so expect Ilhan Omar and Jamaal Bowmen or AOC to be gerrymandered away.

Even if Bernie or another progressive were to win the nomination the moderates will still try to sabotage his campaign by running Bloomberg or Howard Shultz as a third party to try to split the vote enough for Trump to win reelection.

The Blairites tried to sabotaged Jeremy Corbyns Labor Party in 2017 and 2019 so they can regain control of the Labor Party according to the UK independent. So what will prevent the centrist democrats from doing the same if a progressives seize control of the party according to a leaked report in April 2020.

If Bernie wins the presidency it would be a disaster for the moderates in the party and the DNC. Bernie will drive the moderates from the DNC and replace them with people loyal to him so people like Tom Perez will lose power. So if a progressive wins the nomination in 2024 it would actually be in the best interests of the DNC and centrist democrats for the progressive candidate to lose in 2024.

So people need to stop saying that taking over the Democratic Party will work because it is not going to happen. So is forming a third party under First Past the Post

According to a Gallup poll around 61% percent want a competitive third party. However Americans won’t vote for a third party because they are afraid of wasting their vote and the candidate they hate from winning that is why many people votes Democratic or Republican despite many of their own voters hating their own party that they vote for. No matter how much people like the Peoples Party not enough people will vote for them because they believe that it would split the vote and allow a Republican to win.

Also third parties cannot get on the debate stage unless they poll at 15%. Which never happens unless they are rich or famous. Third Party candidates lack media attention so they cannot spread their message around and they lack funding since few people will donate to them since they rarely ever win anyways and no one will waste their money on a party or candidate who cannot win.

None of the people at Movement for a Peoples Party, Green Party or Libertarian never heard of Duvergers law at all.

If a third party is going to win then first past the post must be eliminated. So things like Ranked Choice Voting, Two Round system, proportional representation, mixed proportional representation and Single Transferable Vote favors a multi party system while First Past the Post favors a two party system.

Since Republicans or Democrats will never support abolish First Past the Post since that will result in the rise of other major parties which means more competition for them. We are going to have to make them do that by starting a General Strike and mass protests.

A General Strike is when a substantianial portion of the workforce goes on strike to demand policy demands from their government. It was used in the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Civil Rights Movement. If enough people were to go on strike and surround the Capitol and White House as well the homes of the politicians in Washington then they will be forced to do what the people wants.

With a general strike people can get rank choice voting or some other system that will allow a third party to rise. In order to get a general strike a person really famous and popular has to call for one or the situation to get so bad that they will call for one.

Since the Squad and Bernie won’t call for one because they are afraid of losing their commitee assignments and power if they do that. People are going to have to reach to people on social media as well as reach to their neighbors to be on board with a general strike.

Also the public needs to know that a third party under First Past the Post or taking over the Democratic or Republican party is not realistic and that only a general strike will get the policies they want passed. Which will require getting people to not trust the Mainstream media which is controlled by the elites.

Next I will be covering the Movement for Peoples Parties Policies and talk more about General Strikes.



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