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What I think about Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse was released on bail on November 20th and I am going to explain what I think of Kyle Rittenhouse.

For starters, it is very stupid to carry a weapon to a protest especially a Black Lives Matter protest which often turns into riots often.

However, I watched the video and there was a video of him being chased by protesters and he fell down and then the gun fired killing three people

Joeseph Rosenbaum

Gaige Grosskreutz

Anthony Huber.

If you watch the video it is clear he acted in self-defense and yes I do support police reform and I am not a white supremacist or anything. However, I am not going to support locking him up just for partisan reasons that will mean I will just be a partisan hack.

I have the video here.

However, he is super far-right and he supported Blue Lives Matter which supports making killing a police officer a hate crime. So I disagree with him a lot.

So I think he is too young to have a firearm in public much less use one or own one so I think he should be convicted for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Also according to US law self-defense does not get people off the hook and it would be considered manslaughter.

So US law says you must serve at least 12 months for a count of manslaughter and that will mean that since three people died Kyle Rittenhouse shall serve 3 years for manslaughter.

So if I got to decide Kyle Rittenhouse's fate that will be 3 years in jail.

Also about the cash bail, I don’t support cash bail and I believe that if you win bail you shouldn’t have to pay money. The only reason why Kyle Rittenhouse was able to leave on bail was that he has wealthy people like the MyPillow guy funding his bail.

Also saying he is a hero and is trying to maintain law and order is stupid as hell. Vigilante justice is not okay and the police did its job by arresting Kyle Rittenhouse.

The murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake has resulted in increased polarization and has resulted in civil unrest and riots. Political polarization will get worse because Joe Biden is seen by many Trump supporters as illegitimate and former Bernie supporters and Progressives don’t like Biden despite Bernie and the Squad willing to work with Biden despite his lack of interest in them.

America is divided into many ideologies that despise anyone that doesn’t share with them and the Kyle Rittenhouse trial just shows that.

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