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Vote by Mail is Not a Fraud

Since the 2020 election is rolling around the corner there has been increased talks of mail in voting due to the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu Pandemic 100 years ago.

Trump and the Republicans don’t like mail in voting because they believe it would lead to voter fraud. I am going to debunk this claim and why the Republicans don’t want mail in voting.

Mail in Voting does not solely benefit democrats and it doesn’t benefit any other political party but it does increase voter turnout because it allows for younger voters and voters who have little time to vote.

In Colorado a blue state Republican Representative Cory Gardner defeated Democratic Senator Mike Udall in the 2014 Colorado Senate election, it was the most highly contested election in the 2014 midterms. Also when Katie Hill resigned her seat in the special election Republican Mike Garcia defeated Christie Smith and it was in May during a pandemic so it was an all mail election. So it is not true that mail in voting can lead to fraud to benefit Democrats because Republicans have won elections with mail in voting.

Trump also tweeted this

First of all the constitution says an election must be held every four years so if the election has to be held before November 2nd 2021 so it would be unconstitutional to delay the election longer than a year

According To Article II Section 1 Clause 1 of the Constitution.

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows.

He cannot delay the election without permission from Congress. Which will never give it to him since the Democrats control the House.

However some countries have delayed their elections in New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern delayed the election and it is not a power grab because she was already ahead in the polls by huge margins and the move was supported by the opposition leader. Because unlike Trump she is a competent leader and is not a man child or in her case a woman child.

That is why Jacinda Ardern is beating the opposition in the polls. If Trump handled the pandemic properly and was a competent politician and businessman maybe he would be beating Biden in the polls, fewer people would have died and also wouldn’t have gone bankrupt six times.

The idiot set up 2 casinos next to each other, the Trump Plaza and Taj Mahai. That would be like setting up two McDonalds right next to each other because it would split your customers and make your two businesses harder to maintain. That is why his casinos went bankrupt because he is not only a bad politician he is a bad businessman.

Also Absentee Voting and Universal Mail in Voting is the same thing so he contradicted himself. I don’t think he knew that because he is a stupid orange oaf.

Trump doesn’t believe in the lies he spews about mail in voting because he voted by mail himself he sent an absentee ballot to Florida and encouraged Trump supporters to do the same in Florida. So by Republican logic Republicans can vote by mail and Democrats can’t because it is fraudulent.

There is legitimate criticism of votes by mail and ballots can sometimes get lost or a signature might not be signed properly because my signature changes all the time when I write mine so I might have a bit of trouble with that.

To solve this there should be a separate postal service for mail in elections called the Election Postal Service or EPS so ballots don’t get lost. Also to prevent mail in voting fraud you mail in your vote along with a voter I.D with your social security number, zip code, address, homestate, city, address street, phone number, email address name and picture to verify your identity and once a person voted their I.D is mailed back to their home to vote in the next election.

Also to prevent being used as a tool by Republicans to suppress minority voters once you are 18 and get a license you must get a voter I.D and if you are not old enough to vote yet and get your driver license once you turn 18 you are automatically registered and your I.D is mailed to you.

Also I know in the comment section people are going to ask what about illegal immigrants voting. Well in California all you need is a driver’s license to vote and illegal immigrants can get a driver’s license so to prevent this in states that allow illegal immigrants to have drivers licenses the license must state they are not citizens of the US so they cannot be automatically registered to vote. Because illegal immigrants should never vote.

I do believe voter I.D is necessary to prevent voter fraud however it is ussed as a tool used by the Republicans to prevent minorities from voting which usually votes Democrat.

Instead of coming up with solutions on how to fix elections for the better, people and politicians are coming up with policies and making laws that benefit their own party.

Infact Republicans used to hate the electoral college before 2016 but since Trump won the electoral college and lost the popular vote they now support the electoral college which just so that Republican partisans and Democratic partisans have no principles whatsoever. Also the Democrats also complain about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson costing them the election. Instead of complaining maybe they should support solutions to the problem like Ranked Choice Voting. However they don’t really believe in that because it would actually help third parties rise so it is against the Democratic Parties or the Republicans interest to do so.

Political Parties try to alter and use the rules for their own gain. The Republicans gerrymander all the time in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan so in North Carolina the Democrats won 47% of the vote in the house elections and somehow only 4 seats to the Republicans 9. Democrats complain about this but gerrymander as well in California, New Jersey, New Mexico. In California the Dems won California state legislature by winning 57% of the vote but somehow gained 75% of the seats in the state legislature in 2014. So in other terms gerrymandering is only bad when the Republicans do it and the Electoral College is good except when it harms the Republicans.

There needs to be a serious conversation of how we run our elections and if we are going to fix our broken election system we gotta put our partisan interests aside.

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