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The US Government are Total Hypocrites when it comes to TikTok

The US government is correct when they say the WeChat and TikTok are national security risks because they can use these sites to gather info on Americans and use it to blackmail Americans and track their activities on the website.

However it is very hypocritical for the US to accuse the Chinese government of spying on Americans with TikTok and WeChat when they spy on Americans all the time. It has been proven through leaks such as PRISM by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange with Vault 7. So they are just gross hypocrites.

I don’t understand why people my age love this app. It is Chinese so it is obvious that the Chinese Government is going to control the site or at least have a deal with the company to agree to hand other Americans information. China and the US are in a Cold War so it is not a good idea to get the apps of TikTok or WeChat just get Twitter or Instagram true the US will gather information from that too but at least it is not a hostile foreign power.

Also the Chinese are not going to give up their most valuable social media companies. Of coarse the child can’t seem to understand this and he started talking about banning TikTok and WeChat as a political stunt for his reelection campaign.

China has been a favorite villain to the Republican base just like Russia is to the Democratic Base. So that is why Trump has made many moves against China despite sometimes harming the US to be used as red meat for the base.

He started a trade war that has harmed Iowa Farmers yet they still love him which I don’t understand why his base is a cult or (qult) at this point he can insult them at one of his rallies and they will still support him

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