Rioters Storm the Capitol

Starting a 2:15 Central Time Zone rioters have stormed the nation's capital. One person has been killed by a police officer. I am very surprised by the storming of the capital and thought Trump supporters will never go that far but I guess that is the reality. It's kind of ironic since Trump supporters complain about Black lives matter looting, and rioting but do them themselves.

Though I am surprised that a storming of the capitol hasn't happened earlier because of the economic crisis and civil unrest in the aftermath of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Economic crisis and racial killings tend to spark civil unrest.

Especially because of the mishandling of the pandemic by Congress and the President. I am very surprised that protesters haven't stormed the capital demanding the severed head of Pelosi and McConnell. I honestly wish that happened though I don’t actually want Pelosi and McConnel killed even though I despise them. I just would like protesters demanding their heads I think that will be entertaining.

If the protesters actually had goals and demands that they want Congress to pass then I think they would have gotten them. But the storming of the capital is stupid because Congress and the Vice President has no authority in overturning the election. So I don’t know what they expected. Wouldn’t it make sense to storm the White House once Biden is inaugurated to make sure Trump takes charge?

This just shows that diehard Trump supporters are Qultists and are ignorant and believe that Trump is a demigod or something. Any Trump supporter who takes part in this riot should be in jail and publically beheaded on the steps of the Capital for treason. (Not meant to be taken literally). Hawley and Cruz need to be impeached for inciting this riot as well. Ted Cruz also needs a vocal cords transplant he sounds like Waluigi from super mario.