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There are talks right now about a red mirage in the upcoming 2020 election. Right now Biden and Trump is neck and neck in swing states in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennslyvania, and Wisconsin. Biden is ahead but has a smaller lead in 2016 so there is a very big possibility of a Trump victory in November.

Statistically Biden supporters are more likely to vote by mail while Trump supporters are more likely to vote in person. Mail ballots take longer to count then in person votes. So it is very likely that Trump may be in the lead on election day but as the mail in ballots are counted Biden might take the lead.

Of coarse it is obvious that Trump won’t except the election if he loses and may claim it is rigged. He may not have support of the military as the military refused to obey him when he wanted to send troops to Minneapolis during the George Floyd protests but about 35% of the country support him and have guns as well as several solidly red states in the Deep South and West. This could result in civil unrest and possibly civil war.

I honestly think a red mirage is very likely and we won’t know who actually won the election until a week or days after the election. Usually mail in voting takes longer to count then in person voting which is why I think a Red Mirage is likely.

In the 2018 Arizona Senate Race it looked like Martha McSally was in the lead but after the mail in ballots were counted Kyrsten Sinema was the winner. In the Senate Race in Flordia it looked like Rick Scott won but with some mail in ballots Bill Nelson closed the gap and looked like Bill Nelson could win. In some right wing circles there were allegations of fraud but Rick Scott won anyways.

Now with Trump claiming mail in voting is fraudulent it most of his supporters will be convinced that vote by mail is illegitamate and protest Biden’s win if he were to win.

So I think 2020 will be the most controversial election since the 2000 election or the 1876 and 1800 presidential elections. Hope this doesn’t happen but in the likely event that it does happen hope that this union doesn’t fall apart.


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