Qanon is a growing movement on the far-right fringes of the internet. It is a Qult growing in the Republican base. Qanon believes in batshit crazy conspiracy theories like Hillary is running a child sex ring under a pizza parlor, Trump is exposing child pedophile rings and Michelle Obama is a man. I am not even kidding.

Qanon is bullshit because they claim Trump is secretly exposing pedophile rings run by the elite yet they don’t seem to realize that he was part of one himself. Trump partied with Epstein in the 1990s. So if Trump was really fighting to expose the satanic pedophiles then why would he party with Epstein. After there are many accusations against him one of them accused him of raping her when she was 13 and entered a locker room filled with teenage girls changing. Seriously what the hell Qanon are a bunch of hypocrites.

Also, they claim Trump is fighting for the people and will end the wars even though he has done the exact opposite. In his 2017 tax plan, it lowered taxes on the rich and temporarily lowered taxes on the poor and middle class before raising them above what it was before the tax bill passed.

He appointed Goldman Sachs to his Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn as his National Economic Council Director a bank with ties with Hillary Clinton a person Q claims to be a Satanic pedophile.

He also assassinated Solomeni and escalated war with Iran and also tried to overthrow Venezuela and replace him with US-backed Juan Guido and launched Tomahawk missiles on Syria so he is not ending the wars he is for them. If he was against the ways he wouldn’t have appointed Herman Goering a.k.a Mike Pompeo, Ramsey Bolton a.k.a John Bolton, War Witch Nikki Halley, and the Psychopathic torturer Gina Hospel in the CIA.

Q also claims that Julian Assange is working with Donald Trump to fight the evil pedophiles despite the obvious fact that Trump is trying to imprison Julian Assange. If Donald Trump and Assange were allies he would have pardoned him by now.

Also, Qanon has made stupid predictions their most outlandish predictions is that Trump and Mueller are secretly working together and the Russia investigation into alleged interference and collusion at the time was actually a cover to investigate satanic pedophiles. When the Mueller Report was released there was nothing about Satanic pedophiles whatsoever and people somehow take the conspiracy seriously.

Also, do people really believe that Q is actually a government agent? If he was really exposing government information wouldn’t he have been caught and arrested or killed by now? So just about anyone can claim on an anonymous forum that they are government agents. Q is probably a bunch of people or people having fun. Or it is possibly a disinformation agent led by the CIA or some foreign power. I really don’t know who Q is but he is not a whistleblower exposing government crimes.

Qanon is just a cult or qult with a bunch of Qultist who the only thing they know what to do is warship Donald Trump and will do anything to defend his actions which is pathetic.

Here some more batshit crazy claims by Q.

  • Angela Merkel is Hitler's granddaughter.
  • Michelle Obama is a man and had Joan Rivers killed
  • JFK jr is still alive and is working for Trump
  • Every mass shooting is orchestrated by the satanic elites.
  • Bill Gates and Fauci are responsible for the Covid 19 pandemic and bleach can somehow treat the virus.

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