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Playstation 4 Update is Stupid

The PS4 network has been updated and it is called Update 8. It is very unpopular with PS4 players and there are two reasons why it is very unpopular.

For starters, it allows for people to record each other on the voice chat and report it for any abuses or any bullying. They’re also spying on party chats so they can now listen to party chats which have been under intense criticism.

So why they are doing this? Well, there are rumors that the reason why they added this update was someone has committed suicide because someone sent him a mean message and he couldn’t handle it so he killed himself. I don’t know if this is true but I offer condolences to his family and friends.

My guess is that they want to spy on Americans and other people in return for money from other governments after all the US government and other intelligence agencies have a history of working with companies to spy on Americans. According to the leaks by Edward Snowden they use War of Warcraft to spy on people so they want to spy on people in the PS4 network now to make sure no one is saying anything on the chats that they don’t like.

However, I do know this feature is going to be abused because people can just record the voice mail and party chat and take it out of context, or people who want to get rid of a rival might try to turn them in for cursing or whatever. SO this is obviously going to get abused.

Next is the parental controls which require parental permission for people under the age of 18 to have parental permission to access the PSN network which is necessary to access Disney Plus and Netflix as well as games downloaded. Which made this update very unpopular to PS4 gamers under the age of 18 since I am under the age of 18 I cannot access Disney Plus or Netflix on my own without parental consent. So all figure it out soon because I turn 18 in January of 2022 so I am going to have to wait for 15 months and obviously that is boring so I deleted my PS4 account so all I need is a parental account to give me permission and register the new account.

That is all I have and I hope Sony gets rid of that horrible Update

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