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Obama is Right on Defund the Police

I know many people have criticized Obama for his view on Defund the Police but he is correct on the issue. Defunding the police is not popular according to polls. Five 38 picked polls from other polling sites and found that the average approval for defunding the police was 31% so no defunding the police is not popular.

However, I do think the police budgets in large cities need to be cut for other stuff. I have read that the budget for the New York City Police Department was 6 billion dollars compared to Ukraine's 5.4 billion dollars military budget.

Many police departments have access to military-grade weapons that are not necessary. Most of them are from the US military who gives all their extra military equipment to the police departments. So the guns that are not for shooting brown people in the Middle East are for dealing with black people and criminals in the cities. So yes I do think the police need to be defunded by getting rid of their military equipment.

I don’t mind them carrying handguns or anything like that for defense but they shouldn’t carry machine guns or assault rifles all the time unless if there is an emergency or they need to deal with a far right-wing militia or anything like that.

Many people including Representative Jim Clyburn have said that defunding the police slogan has cost many Democrats their House seats. Which no one actually ran on or supported Defunding the Police. The only person who did was Cori Bush in a Safe Democratic District.

The reason why the Democrats lost seats in the House was that they blocked the stimulus from passing because they believed it will help Trump and ran on nothing besides Trump's bad.

I do think the more people know what defund the police actually means the more they approve of it.

America has a long history of racism in its police and criminal justice system so I am going to write tomorrow what needs to happen with its police and criminal justice system so it is not racist and doesn’t have the largest recidivism rates in the world.

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