My View on the Sequel Trilogy and Fixing Its Problems.

I am going to write something that is not politics-related for once and instead right about Star Wars. I love Star Wars and the Original Trilogy is one of my favorite movies. My favorite character in Star Wars is Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. He is a complex character that turned from a young boy from Tatooine to a handsome young Jedi Knight to Darth Vader the most ruthless Sith Lord in the galaxy except maybe Palpatine.

I do have mixed feelings about the Prequel Trilogy I did love Revenge of the Sith though the first two I thought were mediocre. I just thought the dialogue was terrible and Anakin and Padme's relationship is kind of weird but that is a topic for another time.

What I will be talking about is the Sequel Trilogy. I thought the Force Awakens was good and the Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker was terrible. The main problem I have with the Sequel Trilogy is that it is too much like the Original Trilogy and didn’t try to do something new. Also, the characters are boring and the characters from the original trilogy are not likable anymore.

  • Rey is a Mary Sue and easily beats Kylo Ren in Battle every time she fights him despite never holding a lightsaber before in the first fight and can fly ships with no experience whatsoever and is immediately inducted in the Resistance without a background check.
  • Finn has no use for the plot after Episode VII other than comic relief.
  • Luke is constantly telling Rey to go away and is a miserable old man. If he wanted to die why didn’t he just committed suicide with his lightsaber?
  • Han Solo is back to being a smuggler for no reason at all.

Another problem with the Sequel Trilogy is that it is inconsistent and contradicts itself in every movie. The Sequel Trilogy was written by J.J Abrams in Episode VII. Rian Johnson in Episode VIII and J.J Abrams in Episode IX.

There has been a leak for what Episode VIII will be like if J.J Abrams wrote it and it is actually pretty good. But Rian Johnson was assigned to write it by Kathleen Kennedy and well Rian Johnson wanted his film The Last Jedi to be divisive because he thought it was boring if his movies were met with critical acclaims and liked it so he made it divisive on purpose.

So J.J Abrams was assigned to clean up the mess of the Last Jedi with The Rise of Skywalker. Since Snoke was foolishly killed off by Rian Johnson J.J Abrams had to bring Palpatine back to replace Snoke and I think he tried really hard to tell a good story in the Rise of Skywalker. It would have been an impossible task to write a good story after the disaster that was the Last Jedi. So all give him a pass on that one.

I also have nothing against Rian Johnson who made a really good movie after the Last Jedi called Knives Out. I will recommend it Knives Out is really good.

I do think Rian Johnson should have never had his hands on Star Wars because he is better at murder mysteries and often likes his films to have mixed reviews because he himself says it's boring to him to have his films have critical acclaim.

If I have gotten to rewrite the Sequel Trilogy here is what I would do and how would I change the characters as well as the Political situation

Snoke(Darth Andeddu)

Darth Andeddu

Snoke is going to be Darth Andeddu the founder of the Sith and is going to be the primary antagonist of the Sequel Trilogy and is responsible for turning Kylo Ren to the dark side and founding the Knights of Ren containing 9 members including Kylo Ren. The Knights of Ren will be kind of like the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings.

Andeddu will look like a character from the comics and legends. I always thought he was terrifying and extremely evil. Andeddu will survive for centuries in the Unknown Regions by transferring his body into clone bodies. He will kind of look like a mummy from Ancient Egypt. He is over 2000 years old.

Andeddu used to be a Jedi before turning to the dark side and fleeing with his disciples to Korriban. While in Korriban he discovered how to transfer his soul to clone bodies by hiding a portion of his soul in a Holocron.

His original body was destroyed by his apprentice Exar Kunn and he was buried in his gigantic tomb and fled to Exegol and waited for thousands of years in the Unknown Region before founding the First Order from the remnants of the Empire.


Rey will be a scavenger from Jakku just like in the Sequel except she will actually struggle with her training and have challenges unlike in the Sequel where she easily beats every challenge and defeats every foe.


Finn will be a stormtrooper but will be force sensitive and train alongside Rey with Leia and later Luke. He will not be comic relief at all. He will also be killed off in Episode VIII to create tension and to up the stakes.


He will be a pilot and will be sent by Leia to get the map to Skywalker. Poe will be very similar to Poe in the original Sequel Trilogy.

Leia and Han

Leia will be a Jedi Knight trained by Luke and a General of the Resistance as well as Han Solo who will be co generals with Leia.

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker will be running the Jedi Order on Ach To and will not be the broken old man we see in the Last Jedi and will be a powerful wise Jedi Master who will be skilled in battle and fight Andeddu twice.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren or Ben Solo will be a former padawan to Lukes Jedi Order before turning to the dark side in 21 ABY and joining First Order becoming disillusioned with the Jedi and after a Galactic Civil War starts between the New Republic and Mandalorian Federation after Luke and the Council decides the order shall be neutral.

Owen Skywalker

Named after Owen Lars Luke's uncle. Owen is the son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. Owen is arrogant and boastful and a showoff who bullies other students including Rey but learns to respect Rey after confronting Snoke and stopped bullying students.

Political Situation

In Star Wars Sequel Trilogy there are four main factions.

First Order Few years after the Battle of Endor. The Imperial Remnants fled to the unknown regions where Darth Andeddu an ancient leader became the new Emperor in Exile where he rules on board his flagship the Supremecy.

The New Republic and Second Confederacy of Independent Systems

The New Republic formed after the Battle of Endor. Hoping to learn from the mistakes of the Galactic Republic decided to have two executives rather than one to prevent a dictatorship. The Galactic President handles military affairs and the Chancellor which handles economic affairs. Mon Mothma ran the Galactic Republic as President and then Chancellor from 5 ABY to 21 ABY.

After she retired the Outer Rim members of the Republic succeeded in forming the Second Confederacy of Independent Systems led by Duchess Sabine Wren and based in Mandalore


The Hutts are led by Rotta the Hutt though currently, the Hutts are serving as Regents until he grows up. They are declining though very powerful and the Hutts now have a standing army to protect themselves against Mandalore who wants to conquer them and are allied with the Republic.

New Jedi Order

The New Jedi Order was founded by Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and other surviving Jedi. Unlike the old Jedi, they stay out of politics and stay neutral in wars. They also allow for marriage and attachments unlike the old Jedi Order usually a Jedi Knight is assigned to a sector to help the locals and maintain peace. Also, the Jedi no longer start training Jedi as infants and rarely train students who are not adults. The Jedi Council contains people from legends and Disney Canon. Luke Skywalker is the Grand Master while Ahsoka is basically the second in command of the Jedi Order.

  1. Luke Skywalker Human Jedi Master
  2. Ahsoka Tano Togruta Jedi Master
  3. Mara Jade Human Jedi Master
  4. Saba Sabantyne Barabel Jedi Master
  5. K’Krukk Whippid Jedi Master
  6. Tra’Saa Neti Jedi Master
  7. Gungi Wookie Jedi Master.
  8. Ezra Bridger Human Jedi Master
  9. Cal Kestis Human Jedi Master
  10. Kyle Katarn Human Jedi Master
  11. Corran Horn Human Jedi Master
  12. Clighal Ackbar Mon Calamari Jedi master

Episode VII Force Awakens

The first part of the film will go actually the same as the original. The one thing I will change is that Kylo Ren will force choke Poe Dameron after Poe tells Kylo that he can’t hear him because of his mask.

Once Finn and Poe escape the Star Destroyer then things will really change. Poe and Finn travel on Jakku together to the nearest outpost.

Meanwhile, Rey finds BB8 and goes to the outpost to sell BB8 to Unker Plutt. After she sells BB8 Finn and Poe finds BB8 and runs to BB8 and Poe says hey that is my droid. BB8 runs with Poe and Finn. Rey talks with Poe and offers to use her credits to get off-world if she can get off-world with them. Poe agrees when a bunch of First Order stormtroopers arrive to capture Poe, Finn, BB8, and Rey.

They are outnumbered and have no weapons but then a Jedi came with a blue lightsaber to rescue Poe. She is Jedi Knight Leia she cuts down the Storm Troopers and runs to the Millenium Falcon.

Poe, Rey, Finn, BB8, and Leia run towards the Millenium Falcon and Leia uses the force to destroy a tie fighter chasing them. Once the gang returns to the Millenium Falcon. Han and Chewie fly the Millenium falcon while Poe and Finn operate the gunners and escape Jakku.

Finn and Rey introduce themselves as well as Leia, Han, and Chewie who Rey doesn’t understand. Leia sensing the force within Rey and Finn gives Anakin's old lightsaber to Rey and his son's old lightsaber to Finn. Finn ignites it revealing a green blade and when Rey touches it she gets a vision just like in the movie.

Rey screams afterward and ignites her lightsaber and points it at Leia and screams what is going on. Leia tells Rey to calm down and tells Rey about Lukes Jedi Order and how he is secretly rebuilding it and how there are about 1000 Jedi scattered across the galaxy and tell Rey that she and Finn need Luke to train to become Jedi. Rey says she thought the Jedi are extinct but Leia says they are still around.

Rey says that she doesn’t want to be a Jedi and just wants to search for her parents. Leia says that the Force will guide her to her parents. Rey says I don’t care about your hocus pocus and angrily walks away.

Poe says that I think the force is mumbo jumbo too and Han said well I used to kid until I met Luke Skywalker. Leia then says that she is the leader of the Resistance. A militant organization fighting the First Order because the New Republic is fighting the Federation of Outer Rim Systems led by Mandalore and doesn’t have the troops to fight the First Order and the Federation.

Finn wants to join the Resistance because he wants to make things right and restore his honor for the war crimes he committed by fighting the First Order. She said good and begins to train Finn and Rey. Unlike in the Last Jedi Rey actually struggles.

Han, Leia, Rey, Finn, Poe, and Chewie spend a few days in the Falcon while they are on their way to the First Orders Flagship the Supremecy to steal a portion of the map to the Jedi Temple from its archives.

The Millenium Falcon arrives at the Supremecy surrounded by a fleet of about 20-star destroyers. The Millenium Falcon enters the hanger and the gang enters the smuggler's pit. Kylo Ren orders the stormtroopers to allow them to escape and steal the map so they can track down the resistance base he also orders them to shoot at them but not hit them so they don’t get suspicious and plants a tracking device on the Falcon.

Finn, Rey, Poe, and Han disguised as Storm Troopers and head towards the archives while Leia heads to search for Kylo Ren in hopes of redeeming his son.

Han, Rey, Poe, and Han all go to the archives and finds the map to Skywalker. Meanwhile, Leia battles Kylo Ren aboard the Supremecy. The duel lasts for hours while Leia tries to redeem Kylo to the light. Kylo disarms Leia and defeats her. Kylo hesitates on whatever to kill Leia but he reluctantly impales Leia with his lightsaber. Chewie shoots Kylo but he absorbs it and turned it into lightning.

The Millenium Falcon escape to D’Qar the resistance base. Han and Chewie weep over Leia's death as they head on to D’Qar.

The Resistance is informed that Leia is dead and that he will become the new General of the Resistance and orders an evacuation of the Resistance base.

The First Order fleet arrives with the Supremecy and 20-star destroyers while the Resistance has 3 MC85s, 5 Nebulon C Frigates, and 6 CR95 corvettes. The Resistance also has 30 X Wings and 20 Y wings.

An epic battle ensues but the Resistance is routed but is successfully able to evacuate the base. With Heavy casualties. The Resistance loses 2 MC 85s, 4 Nebulon C Frigates and 4 CR95s, and half of their starfighter corp. Worst of all Han Solo is killed when the bridge of the Raddus is destroyed.

However, Poe was able to take down a Star Destroyer and some Y wings were able to take down a destroyer. Also, there is a new ship called V Wing Starfortresses which successfully taken out a destroyer. So the First Order lost three-star destroyers.

It establishes Rey as a flawed character, Finn as a competent warrior and Leia as a brave Jedi and mentor to Rey and Finn, and Han as a commanding general.

Episode VIII (Last Jedi) Which will be called in this one Rise of Skywalker

After the Battle of D’Qar Rey and Finn head towards the Jedi Temple on Ach To. Rey and Finn arrive on Ach To and inform Luke that Leia and Han are dead and that the Resistance needs help and that they want training.

Luke is devastated and agrees to train Rey and Finn. Luke is married to Mara Jade and has a 19-year-old son named Owen Skywalker. The Jedi Council meets which includes Mara Jade, Ahsoka Tano, Kyle Katarn, K’Krukk, Tra’Saa, Gungi, Byph, Clighal Ackbar, Saba Sabatyne, Cal Kestis, Ezra Bridger, Corran Horn.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren goes to see Andeddu who he sees transferring his soul to a clone body. Andeddu says once the Resistance is destroyed they will start a campaign to conquer the Galaxy and Kylo bows down to Andeddu.

Unlike in the Prequel Trilogy, they all actually talk and agree to summon 30 Jedi knights to aid the resistance. Meanwhile, the Resistance jumps into hyperspace and immediately the First Order catches up. The remaining ships are destroyed and Admiral Holdo takes command.

Poe begins to suspect there is a spy aboard the Raddus and begins to search for the spy and his prime suspects are Rose Tico and Resistance officer Larma D Acy.

Poe orders a search on all resistance soldier's communications but finds that Holdo has been deleted. Poe orders the arrest of Holdo but troops loyal to Haldo arrests Poe and Holdo orders, Poe, to be killed but her troops refuse to do obey and he is released.

It turns out that Holdo was the spy and plans to evacuate the Resistance to a base already held by the First Order where the Knights of Ren can kill them all.

Holdo’s treason is revealed and Poe orders Holdo to be executed by firing squad. Once Holdo is killed, Poe sends a Distress signal to the New Republic and Federation and orders the Resistance to land the Raddus on Crait and evacuate until to wait for the Republic to arrive.

Meanwhile at the Jedi Temple Rey and Finn are struggling to learn to use the force and are being trained by Luke with 10 other students including Owen. While Owen Skywalker is excelling at his training and bullying the less successful students with his friends to the dismay of Mara Jade who tells Anakin to stop it it's not nice.

When Rey is practicing lightsaber dueling she is defeated by Anakin Jr. Finn didn’t do much better either but Finn and Rey worked hard together and finally excelled at lightsaber battling and force powers.

Rey also learns to swim on Ach To as well and learns that her family is just average people who are drunkards who died due to alcoholism and sold her for drinking money. She is devastated to learn that and begins to cry before Luke came to comfort Rey and told her that it doesn’t matter who her family what matters is what you chose to be. Rey feels better and meets with Finn and they began to plan to confront and kill Andeddu believing they mastered the force and are ready to confront Andeddu.

Rey and Finn travel to the Supremecy over Crait and storm the Supremecy heading towards the throne room slashing against stormtroopers until they reach the throne room. With Andeddu waiting for them.

Finn and Rey duel Andeddus guards killing them and then point their sabers towards Andeddu. Andeddu decides to allow them to fight the guards for his own amusement.

He uses the force to disarm Finn and Rey and he uses it to impale Finn killing him. Rey screams and he uses his force lightning to on Rey torturing him while laughing.

Meanwhile on the planet below the 11 other Jedi Masters and 30 knights led by Ahsoka Tano march towards the First Orders base. Where the Knights of Ren is waiting for them and hundreds of stormtroopers.

The Jedi Knights battle the stormtroopers and the Jedi Masters battle the Knights of Ren numbering nine in total along with the Resistance troopers. The Knights of Ren are killed except for Kylo Ren who is captured because Mara Jade orders Kylo to be spared.

Meanwhile Luke arrives in the throne room just in time to rescue Rey. Andeddu shoots force lightning at Luke but Luke shoots back his own green lightning but Andeddus Force lighting knocks back Lukes but Luke is able to absorb Andeddu and fires it back at Andeddu.

Andeddu jumps out of the way and his throne is nothing but a crater. Snoke ignites his red lightsabre and Luke ignites his green one and they both duel. They are both evenly matched and Rey flees in the chaos.

The New Republic Fleet arrives to save the Resistance as well as the Federation Fleet and destroy most of the First Orders Fleet. Lukes duel with Andeddu ended in a victory for Luke and Andeddus spirit fled the Supremecy.

The Jedi have negotiated a peace treaty with the Federation and the New Republic. The Republic agreed to recognize the Federation as an independent nation in return the Federation and the New Republic will aid the Resistance and control the Unknown Regions once the First Order is defeated. The Federation will control the Outer Rim and Half of the Mid Rim while the New Republic will control the Inner Rim, Half of the Mid Rim, Unknown Regions, and Core Worlds.

The Resistance, Republic, and Federation force Rendevous on Coruscant. While Snoke recuperates in the Unknown Region to prepare for his invasion of the Galaxy.

Episode IX Duel of the Fates

The next episode takes place one year after Episode VIII. Snoke has launched an invasion of the galaxy and has taken several key worlds. Meanwhile, Rey is beginning to learn about Kylo Rens's past and has flashbacks about how Leia left Kylo Ren with Luke at a young and how he felt abandoned and she began to feel sorry for Kylo Ren. We also see Kylo Ren without his mask for the first time. Rey also begins to bond with Kylo Ren but not in a romantic way but more as friends and Kylo Ren began to show regret for what he did.

The Jedi Order is now headquartered in the old Jedi Temple and the Jedi serve as Generals fighting the First Order for the Allied forces. Andeddu has gathered reinforcements and has launched a full-scale invasion of the galaxy.

Rey is also starting to form a romantic relationship with Owen Skywalker who decided to stop bullying other students and has grown to respect Rey after confronting Andeddu. Rey has a double-bladed blue lightsaber now after losing his to Andeddu.

Andeddu decided to settle in Naboo which was conquered by the First Order and used it as a base to launch an invasion on Coruscant. The Jedi Council decides to send Rey and Owen Skywalker to Naboo to get intelligence of an invasion of Coruscant.

They disguise as Naboo nobles to enter the Palace at Theed. On Naboo which is occupied by the First Order, the Queen of Naboo was beheaded on the steps of the Palace of Theed, and a puppet Queen controlled by the First Order was installed. Rey and Owen steal some intelligence before escaping Naboo.

Once Owen and Rey arrive on Coruscant they give their intelligence to the Republic High Command, Jedi Council, and Federation Military Cheifs of Staff.

Meanwhile Luke travels to Korriban to find Andeddus Holocron. He must explore his tomb and fights several monsters including a giant serpent. He kills the serpent and figures out to stop Andeddu his Holocron must be destroyed because part of his soul is in there and it allows him to transfer his essence into clones.

The Jedi and Republic prepare to defend the city and was able to must 60-star ships. To the first orders 100-star destroyers and the Supremacy. The second half of the movie is the Battle of Coruscant led by Poe Dameron, Luke Skywalker, General Lando Calrissian, and General Wedge Antilles.

The First Order Fleet was able to land soldiers on Coruscant and the Senators and civilians were evacuated towards the Coruscant Underworld. Poe Dameron's X Wing was shot down killing him and the Allies lost a sixth of their fleet. Snoke was landing his army on Coruscant to march on the Jedi Temple.

Luke was on the steps of the crumbling Jedi Temple and Snoke was there with a battalion of Storm Troopers. Luke battles Andeddu while Rey and Owen and a group of Jedi fight stormtroopers. Snoke was more prepared in his rematch against Luke and killed Luke with his lightsaber in front of Owen Skywalker and Rey. They both scream and rush towards Andeddu but Snoke unleashes his force lightning on Rey and Owen.

He points his lightsabre at Rey about to strike her down before the redeemed Ben Solo impales Andeddu with Rey's lightsaber.

With Andeddu dead since his Holocron has been destroyed and the First Order leaderless the First Order fled in disarray with key commanders like General Hux fighting for dominance.

The battle was won and the First Order was defeated.

The Jedi Council elected Ahsoka Tano to succeed Luke as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and promoted Ben Solo to the rank of Jedi Master and Member of the Council and also was pardoned for his role in the First Order as a reward for killing Andeddu. Owen and Rey were also elevated to Jedi Knight.

The movie ends with a celebration as well as Luke Skywalkers funeral and Owen and Rey's kissing with Ben Solo hugging his aunt Mara Jade.


Okay, Disney is not going to rewrite the Sequel Trilogy because that would admit the Sequel Trilogy sucked, and well they are too narcissistic for that so it is best to stick with Star Wars Legends or fanfiction for after Return of the Jedi content except for The Mandalorian. I guess fanfiction is not bad or plagiarism now since the Sequel Trilogy was a fanfiction written by a 12-year-old girl who never even watched Prequel Trilogy before writing it.

I also have nothing against the actors also they did their best with what they had which wasn’t really good I think John Boyega, Daisey Ridley and Oscar Isaac did a good job despite playing bland characters.

Also don’t launch personal attacks against the actors or the directors and writers it is fine to criticize but personal attacks are not okay.

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