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Right now for many people it is back to the lesser of two evils just like in 2016 between Trump and Hillary. Honestly I think Biden is the lesser evil because he will at least have competent people around him to handle the virus and won’t appoint far right judges because lets be real he is too senile to run the country on his own so I think his Cabinet and Kamala will do the day to day operations if he becomes president.

Also Trump has made very clear that he will not except the result of the election if he loses and is flirting with running for a third term. So I think he is planning on staying for life. According to the Atlantic even if he loses Michigan, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan he has a plan to use the gerrymandered Republican controlled legislatures to give the electors to Trump winning these states despite the voters Biden to win in this state.

It is pretty clear that Trump doesn’t care about the Constitution or the safety of the USA and will try to install himself as President for Life if he wants too which is scary and his Qultists will go along with it.

The only person who can realistically beat Trump is Biden who is one of the most dullest and most establishment candidate to win the nomination ever.

Biden has a terrible record and has supported terrible policies like the Iraq War, Patriot Act, sponsored the Crime Bill which resulted in the largest incarceration of African Americans in history. Voted for the Bankruptcy Bill and worked with segregationists in the 1970s. He also said in front of big donors nothing will fundamentally change.

I know some people say oh he regretted it or it was expected at the time but he should know whats in these bills he supported because he sponsered one of them and red them so he obviously knew the damage these bills do but sponsored and voted for them anyways because he actually believes in them and is loyal to the elites in Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington.

He is also doing nothing or failing to appeal to young people. He tried to use animal crossing to appeal to young voters and played a hispanic song at a rally in Florida which is insulting and is like a Grandmother trying to be cool with the kids which just doesn’t work. The way you get young voters is cancel student loan debt, and tuition free college. He won’t do that because he doesn’t want these things because the big banks doesn’t want that. That is why that people including me doesn’t like him. He has a terrible record who will do anything the elites want him too and is out of touch with the common man especially young people.

That is why I consider Biden evil while with Trump he is a fraud who ran a fraudulent university called Trump University and bankrupted his casinos. Trump is a stupid oaf who can’t even manage bunch of casinos. He is also impulsive who can easily be swayed by the last person who talked to him.

He is also a serial rapist who has multiple accusers and has hanged out with Epstein in the 1990s their is no one this guy won’t sleep with including his own daughter. He is as promiscuous as Bill Clinton.

During his Presidency he has cut taxes for the rich while raising them on the poor and middle classes over a ten year period. Get rid of regulations for coal and the FDA. He also bombed innocent people in the middle east and tried to overthrow Venezuela while claiming to be a non interventionist.

He said he would drain the swamp yet he appointed with members of big banks to his cabinet like Steve Mnuchin a bank with ties to Hillary Clinton a woman he calls Crooked Hillary.

Right now choosing between Biden and Trump is like choosing between Syphilis or AIDS and I am glad I am too young to vote in this election because I don’t have to suck it up and vote for Biden so that fascist Trump doesn’t win.

To encourage people to vote for Biden. Progressives like Bernie Sanders and David Pakman when it is clear that this is not true at all. While Biden platform supports raising corporate taxes, Public Option, and investing in Green Energy, raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour and tuition free college for those who make less than 125,000 dollars. He doesn’t actually believe in those things after all while he was VP Obama authorized fracking in the Arctic and the bankruptcy bill he supported actually harmed young people.

People like Bernie or David Pakman who says Biden is the most progressive candidate in decades just wants Biden to win so bad because Trump is so bad that they were willing to avoid criticizing Biden and lie about his policies to avoid discouraging his base and followers from voting for him.

I just wish David and Bernie just said okay I hate him he sucks but he is better than Trump because he won’t appoint far right judges and he will handle the pandemic better than Trump. If David Pakman just did that I will respect decision.

While with Bernie I think he should have just threatened to not endorse him or run or endorse third party if he doesn’t agree to support his policies and agree to appoint a Progressive VP and have half his cabinet be picked by Bernie.

It is similar to how coalition governments work so in New Zealand the Labor Party formed a coalition with New Zealand First and the Green Party in return for policy consessions and some of them got cabinet positions that is how coalitions work.

Bernie doesn’t have that in him because he is afraid of harming Biden and ending up being viewed as a spoiler like Ralph Nader.

Again I am glad I don’t have to vote for Biden at all since I am too young to vote. Honestly I won’t voter shame anyone do what you think is best.

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