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I don’t think Gina Carano should have been Fired.

Two days ago actress Gina Carano has been fired from the Mandalorian and Star Wars and won’t be returning to Star Wars at all. I think she has made dumb tweets like the election were rigged and anti-masker stuff I disagree but she shouldn’t be fired.

I think she shouldn’t have been fired because with being an actress or actor it doesn’t matter what your political views are or what your posting on social media what matters is that if you are a talented actress and Gina Carano is very talented actress and smoking hot too. She looks like she is in her mid-twenties despite being in her late thirties and I really enjoyed her character too.

Many people point out that she was warned about her tweets and said it was her fault she was fired but the Instagram post about Nazi Germany was published before the #FireGinaCarano was even trending in November and never even posted anything offensive after the #FireGinaCarano went viral so this is just ridiculous.

I think her post about Nazi Germany had no malice at all and is really an overreaction by Disney and I think it is best for Lucasfilm to ignore the whole #FireGinaCarano stuff and move on. Now people are unsubscribing to Disney plus like flies. So I think might rehire her to avoid losing money but also might alienate people who want her fired.

I am just tired of Star Wars being used as a proxy war between the left and the right and make sure politics outside of the Stars Universe stays out of Star Wars.

Also, I do also disagree with her response to the whole mess, and is now working with the Daily Wire to star in a new film which will probably be right-wing crud but whatever. I think she should have started her own independent film company so she can make films, not about politics or not political at all.

The reason I disagree with her decision with the Daily Wire is that it is Conservative and I think it will add fuel to the fire to the culture war that is divided our country for years.

The only reason I would be supporting firing Gina Carano over her social media posts is if she has made a direct threat of violence or has doxxed someone other than that she shouldn’t have been fired for it.

I do look forward to the movie though and hope it is good as long as there is no right-wing politics and it simply has a good story and awesome characters and I am curious about what the movie is about.

I am also not a big fan of the Daily Wire because I consider myself a left-wing Social Democrat and Daily Wire are really conservative and I think Ben Shapiro sounds like Waluigi from Mario Kart but I do agree with the right that SJWs are terrible and Hollywood is way too Democratic and proSJW lately.

I will be writing an article on why the media and movie industry is pro-democratic tomorrow.

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