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How to Fix Our Political System in America

Today I am going to talk about how to fix our political system because right now our political system in America is so partisan that there are talks about Civil War between the Republicans and the Democrats. In America there is also a severe problem with gerrymandering, money in politics, party bosses rigging primaries and vote splitting but there is a way to prevent that.

This will be one of my longest article ever.

House of Representatives

Right now Gerrymandering is a huge problem in America. In North Carolina the Democrats won 47% in the House election yet only won 4 out of the 13 representatives. Instead of having congressional districts and First Past the Post we should have Single Transferable Vote for the House of Representatives.

So each district will have from three to five representatives and states with only one or two districts like Wyoming or New Hampshire will have Rank Choice Voting Instead. The commitees will be drawn by independent commitees and must be approved by the FEC commisioner to make sure they have not been gerrymandering.

Their is a video explaining Single Transferable Vote below. The system is used in Ireland, Malta and Australia.

Lets also have Representatives serve 4 year terms instead of two. Their should be no midterm elections since that usaully means the opposition party controls a house in Congress or both houses and causes stagnation and also makes Representatives focus on campaigning and not govenrning and Senators will also be elected all at once and serve 4 years. All elections will be on the same year as a presidential one.

There should also be term limits for Senators and Representatives to 12 years or three 4 year terms in each house.


There is 3 things that need to happen in the Senate number one the filibuster need to be reformed so that a filibuster is only holding the floor to delay the vote as long as you can instead of blocking legislation from passing with 41 votes. The filibuster also prevented Obama’s public option from passing instead an unpopular individual mandate was passed which cost the Democrats the midterms in 2010.

So in America you need a 60 votes in the senate to get anything passed and legislation that does passed benefits only the elites which control both major parties. It is time to abolish the filibuster so that to start a simple majority is needed to start a vote for all legislation.

Also First Past the Post in the Senate needs to be abolished and replaced with Single Transferable Vote. Single Transferable Vote is a hybrid of proportional representation and rank choice voting. So instead of having two senators for every state their is three senators for every state. I am terrible of explaining Single Transferable Vote so here is a link to a website explaining it.

Electoral College

Okay I considered supporting replacing the Electoral College with a National Rank Choice Voting system but when I listened to Andrew Yang’s view on the Electoral College I changed my mind and instead support proportional allocation of electors by state. So if you get 60% of the vote in California you get 60% of its electors.

The reason why I support this is because if there was a national popular vote then California and New York will decide the elections and people will only campaign in the largest states with huge media markets. Also the rural states and Republican states will be stabbing themselves in the foot if they did that because immigration from Latin America to the US which usually vote Democratic have resulted in demographic shifts that effectively eliminated the more white conservative Republican Party from winning the popular vote.

So an Electoral College abolition will never happen because all the red states will never support its repeal and if the Republicans win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College the Democrats will change their mind and oppose the abolition of the electoral college.

Also with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact the remaining states are either swing states or red states who will never sign up to that the abolition of the electoral college is unrealistic.

Instead of focusing on something that will never pass we should focus on proportionally allocating elector by state.

It also won’t make sense to make the electors proportion to the number a state has in Representatives and Senators since some states only has three electors and it would make it difficult for third parties to rise. Instead there should be one elector for every 100,000 people and every state or territory must have at least 6 electors. Instead of having a 15% for electors like used in primaries there should be a 5% percent threshold.

Also having such a large country like the US have a national election in one day is unrealistic and if there is crowded field it will go to the House of Representatives. Instead states shall go like primaries in a certain order so some states go on a different day. Elections will last from September to December usually. So small states like New Hampshire and Iowa will go first and there will be rotating regions for Super Tuesdays and rotating states for the first 5 Contests.

State elections and primaries go on Saturdays instead of Tuesdays as well as National Holidays like Labor Day. The earlier states job is to narrow the field to two candidate. Here is the order of states.

September Contests

Labor Day elections.

Class One Iowa

Class Two Kansas

Class Three Nebraska

First Saturday

Class One Massachussetts

Class Two Minnesota

Class Three New Jersey

Second Saturday

Class One New Hampshire

Class Two Vermont

Class Three Maine

Third Saturday

Class One Nevada

Class Two Colorado

Class Three New Mexico

Fourth Saturday

Class One South Carolina

Class Two Alabama

Class Three Mississippi

October Contests

The first super Saturday Starts on the First Saturday of October and two regions go on the first Super Saturday. The regions that were first the previous the previous election is the last Super Saturday and the region that was on the first super Saturday the previous cycle is second to last.

These regions are

Pacific Contests

Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Guam, Mariana Island, and American Samoa.

East Coast

Massachussets, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, D.C, West Virginia.


Pennslyvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois.


Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Florida, Kentucky.


North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico.

States that have already gone in the September Contests will not be allowed to be on the October Contests.

By the end of October the president will be elected. This will ad more transition time to become President on January 20th. Also Election Day for all other races will be on the first Saturday on November rather than on Tuesday.

Presidential Primaries

Primaries should work the same way as the General Election which will last two months. However all primaries will be semi closed so independents will be allowed to vote in any primary they chose but partisan voters can only vote in their own parties primary. This will prevent people from other parties to vote in other parties to install a weaker candidate. However if a Republican wants to vote in a Democratic primary for example they must flip their party registration the day before the primary. Also it should be illegal to vote in two different parties primaries so if you vote in a Democratic Primary you can’t vote in a republican one


So in a primary Class One states shall be the first primary after the passage of legislation and in the General Election Class Two states. In the next election in the primary Class Two States goes and then Class Three gets to be in the general. Then Class Three for the Primary and Class One for the General. Then it is back to Class One and Class Two.

The class system is similar to how Senators are elected.

Class One

Midwestern States and Southern States should go first.

Class Two Pacific and East Coast each shall rotate every 4 years on which primaries should go the first Super Saturday and the Western States are always on the 2nd Saturday.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is one of the three branches of government and it is the most powerful because they can repeal any legislation they want if they rule it Unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has became partisan and it is time to end that. No Supreme Court Justice should have ever been in the Federalist Society or a liberal Harvard Law Professor. People shouldn’t have to fear for Roe v Wade or Obergfell v Hodges just because Ruth Bader Ginsburgs life is on the line.

The founding fathers wanted a separation of powers and having the President appoint Judges with Senate approval contradicts the separation of powers principal. Elected Judges should also not happen because it would undermine the independence of the Supreme Court.

Instead there should be a new system. So an electoral college system is proposed so in order to become eligible for a Supreme Court position you must be 30 years old, have a law degree, must be a constitutional expert, and never have been registered to a party in the last 10 years.

To be considered an expert in Constitutional law you must pass a test with questions about the Constitution about all the clauses and provisions in the Constitution as well as the amendments.

If you are eligible you get to put your name on the list to be an elector. There is one elector for every state. Each name will be put in a jar filled with a paper with their name on it. If their name is pulled out of the jar then they become an elector in their state.

Then the electors must elect a new Supreme Court Judge. The amendment will say that their can only be 9 judges to prevent court packing. Which ever nominee gets the most electoral votes wins and they get to serve for 16 years max unless if they die, resign, unable to serve, or is indicted then they must retire and the electors will elect a new one.

All the current judges that served for longer then 16 years in the present Supreme Court will be required to step down once the electors have been chosen.

Also Congress can nullify Supreme Court decisions through a two thirds majority the system is used in Canada and it would be a check of the Supreme Courts power.

Vote By Mail, I.D, and Automatic Voter Registration.

Elections should be entirely by mail and not just during pandemics because it increases turnout. So to prevent voter fraud there will be a separate postal service for mail in ballots called the Election Postal Service or EPS so mail doesn’t get lost in the mail.

Also it would be required that the Election Postmaster General be an independent and be appointed to serve 10 years unless resigned, died, impeached or indicted to prevent the EPS being used from suppressing like Trump is doing for the Postal Service.

Also there should be I.D with Social Security number, name, birthday, address, zip code, email address and phone number. So you mail in your ballot along with the I.D. Once your vote is counted you will get an email letting you know your ballot has been counted and your I.D will be sent back for your .

To prevent voter suppression Voter Registration will be automatic and once you get your drivers licence or get an updated drivers license you will soon get your new I.D. People under the age of 18 will not get their I.D or non citizens if they get their drivers licences.


I think that the Commision on Presidential Debates should be nationalized because they have connections to both political parties and they suppress third parties with the 15% threshold.

Also there should be no audience and the moderator should be a political science professor or a president of a university rather than a news anchor.

There should be three debates before the elections began with the threshold being get ballot access in enough states to be able to get the majority of electors.

So how a debate should work is that the moderator should ask whats each the candidates policy position is and then a candidate has 5 minutes to explain his policy position. Once all the candidates explain their policy position they have 2 minutes must argue why their opponents position is wrong. Then the candidates must defend their position once that happens then the moderator asks about the next policy position.

Towards the end of the debate the moderator asks about a scandal or controversy the candidate has and he must defend him or herself or go on the offensive. Then the candidates must defend themselves or attack the candidate who was asked the question and then the candidates will start their closing statement.

Campaign Finance

Right now the American elite and Corporations are buying up politicians and it is time to fix that. For starters elections should be publicly financed and Buckley v Valeo and Citizen United should be overturned.

House Candidates should get 3,000,000 dollars Senate candidates 10,000,000 million dollars and Presidential Candidates 300,000 million for the primary and 300,000 million for the general if they make it. All political parties who qualified for the debate the previous election cycle or current one gets 100,000 million dollars.

To get FEC money an independent candidate must poll at least 1% or be a part of a major party. To be apart of a major party the party must have praticipated in the debates that previous election cycle or currently qualified for one.

Also all people who are eligible to vote will get 100 dollars from the government every year to donate to any candidate or party of their choice. Other than that no candidate may spend any other money. To get these reforms through will require a constitutional amendment since the Supreme Court effectively declared money to equal free speech.


In conclusion Supreme Court reform, Electoral College Reform, Term Limits and Campaign Finance Reform will require a constitutional amendment but if the american people fight hard they can get that through Congress or the State Legislatures.

With the Single Transferable Vote and Rank Choice Voting it will require and two thirds of both chambers of congress or a simple majority in both houses with presidential approval.

Supporting Single Transferable Vote and Rank Choice Voting is an uphill battle because they tend to favor multi party systems and that the Republican and Democratic politicians in Congress will be stabbing themselves in the foot if they did that but if we fight hard and put pressure on our Senators, state senators and representatives and Congressmen we can get Ranked Choice Voting and Single Transferable Vote Passed.

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