How D.C Statehood can get passed

Right now there is a movement to make Washington D.C the 51st state in the US. I personally think D.C should be a state but the problem is that Republicans don’t want to deal with 2 extra Democratic Senators because Washington D.C has solidly voted Democratic over the years. So there needs to be a compromise.

In July 2020 the Democratic controlled House of Representatives passed D.C statehood that would have established a federal district within a ten mile radius while the rest of D.C will be a state called the Washington Douglass Commonwealth after abolitionist Fredrick Douglas.

I think D.C should be a state because people pays taxes yet have no representatives in Congress and historically passed laws against D.Cs wishes when Republicans control Congress. Which is why I think D.C should be a state.

So I propose that the current Washington 4th and Washington 5th district as well as Oregon 2nd District form a new state called the State of Lincoln.All three districts are solidly Republican and will add two Republican Senators to balance out the D.C senators. Historically States are added in pairs to balance regional and partisan interests.

In 1820 Congress agreed that Missouri will enter as a slave state while Maine will enter as a slave state preserving the balance between slave and free states. In 1959 Hawaii a Republican state was added in return for Alaska a Democratic State to balance partisan interests.

So there should be an amendment to the proposal that the Washington 4th 5th districts and Oregon 2nd district under the 2010 census become a part of the State of Lincoln but if the Oregon or Washington legislatures refuse to give up the territories than D.C should not be a state.

I think Washington and Oregon will be on board with that since they are controlled by Democrats and would give up some of their states territories if it meant D.C state hood which would help the Democrats. After all Massachussets agreed to give up Maine so I see no reason why Washington or Oregon won’t give up the territories to benefit their partisan interests.

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