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Amy Coney Barret Will be Confirmed

Amy Coney Barret has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be without a doubt confirmed also Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski a swing voter has said she would vote for Amy Coney Barret and since there is no filibuster for judges.

I have been advocating for Supreme Court Reform ever since Ruth Bader Ginsburg because the way we appoint judges is outdated and can result in partisan judges.

Because of Amy Coney Barrets' inevitable confirmation on the court, it is certain that Obamacare will be disposed of and Roe V Wade and Obergfell V Hodges will be in danger of being overturned.

If Biden's legislative agenda is going to survive he is going to have to pack the courts to bring the court under liberal control since Clarence Thomas and Alito are in their 70s and will retire when a Republican takes office and Breyer is 80 as well and needs to retire as soon as a democrat is elected to prevent the Republicans from appointing another justice.

If I was Biden I would introduce a law to add 6 new judges on the bench making the Supreme Court to 15 members and if it were successful it would be a Liberal 9–6 on the Supreme Court it is the only way to prevent the Republicans from overturning Biden's legislative agenda if he wins.

The Republicans will filibuster the law so Chuch Schumer should use the nuclear option to get the Court Packing Plan to succeed. Now I am going to explain how to reform the court.

I have realized that Independent Committees appointing judges is not realistic since most people involved in politics have some sort of political beliefs so there should be new rules on how Supreme Court Judges are nominated.

Number 1. All Judges must retire after 18 years like in many other countries.

Number 2. Two-Thirds of the Senate must be required for a judge or Justice to be confirmed.

Number 3. The President gets to appoint three judges per term once in their 1st 2nd and 3rd year of their term however no judge may be confirmed in the same year as an election.

If two-thirds of the Senate is required to confirm judges then there will no longer be partisan judges and Presidents will appoint judges that are not ultra partisan to make it easier to get these judges approved.

Judges are also required to retire after 18 years to prevent judges from waiting for a President from their party to win and then retire.

Also, a President only gets to appoint 3 judges in each term. The only year where a President can’t appoint a judge is if it is on an election year. To make the controversy about appointing judges clear.

However, this will require an amendment to the Constitution which is very difficult, and Congress will not approve it is up to the state legislatures to pass an amendment and 38 states need to get it to pass if you change please ask your state representative and state senator.

Next to prevent Constitutional disputes over healthcare and infrastructure the Constitution needs to pass the Second Bill of Rights to allow Congress to do policies like Universal Healthcare, Tuition-Free College, and Infrastructure Bill to prevent these laws from being struck down. Here is what I propose.

Second Bill of Rights

Section 1 Every American is entitled to healthcare and healthcare shall be universal to all Americans. Congress shall have the power if they deem it appropriate to establish a single-payer system, public option, nationalize or build hospitals and clinics and other medical centers, or establish a Social Health Insurance Model and regulate Health Insurance, Pharmaceutical Companies, as well as Hospitals and other medical systems and negotiate to keep drug prices or cost of delivery low. As well as provide healthcare to the poor and elderly and anyone they deem necessary.

Section 2 All Americans shall have shelter and a place to live and Congress shall have the power to build and provide public housing for the poor, homeless, and unemployed.

Section 3 All Americans are entitled to have a good education and Congress shall have the power to establish public education and regulate the school curriculum and establish a tuition-free public college system as well as make Community College, apprenticeships, trade unions, and Medical School tuition-free and pay peoples tuition. Congress cannot regulate the school curriculum to favor one ideology or religion.

Section 4 All Americans are entitled to an income Congress shall have the power to establish Social Security for the elderly and establish Universal Basic Income or Guaranteed Minimum Income and provide funding for veterans and the poor.

Section 5 The Congress shall have the power to build roads, canals, dams, schools, bridges, and other useful infrastructure.

Section 6 The right for same-sex couples to marry who are at the age of maturity should not be infringed. Nor the right of consenting adults of the same sex to engage in sexual activity be infringed. Homosexuals and same-sex couples shall enjoy the rights and privileges of all Americans.

Section 7 The right to abortion before the seventh week shall not be infringed. The state legislatures or Congress shall have the power to regulate abortions but abortion after the 7th week in cases of incest, rape or if the mother is in danger or under the age of maturity should not be infringed.

Section 8 Congress shall have the power to regulate wages, companies, and businesses and protect the rights of workers.

Section 9 Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

That is all I have but I think the Second Bill of Rights is necessary to protect Universal Healthcare and other programs and the right of abortion and gay marriage.

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