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There has been a primary election for the Democratic Nomination for NYC Mayor. As of June 24th 2021 here are the first preferance votes.

Eric Adams 31.7%

Maya Wiley 22.3%

Katheryn Garcia 19.5%

Andrew Yang 11.7%

Scott Stringer 5.0%

Other 9.8

Here is a list of four reasons why Yang lost

1. Israel Vs Palestine Comments.

Right now their is a fued between Cenk Uyger and Aaron Mate though this is not the topic of this article. I am simply going to write why the The Young Turks are a bunch of frauds, grifters, and hypocrites and why you should never give them any money or watch them ever.

1. Syria

They attacked Aaron Mate for saying the Syrian Gas Attacks are false flags, while claiming a few years earlier that the Syrian gas attacks are false flag attacks.

2018. Here is a video of Cenk Uyger supporting that the Syrian Chemical Attacks are False Flags


In April 2020 leaked photos showed images of an Unidentified Flying Object over a US naval vessel. There is no evidence that they are aliens but there is no evidence to debunk them either however I am going to explain some theories on what they could be.

  1. They are a top-secret US weapons program which honestly I would prefer to stay secret because they likely have massive destructive potential. Another possibility is a US military aircraft with Alien Technolagy
  2. A flying object is an object controlled by a US rival like Russia or China
  3. It is some kind of Psyop…

Israel is obviously an apartheid state. I live in Story County and it is common for people to get doctor appointments in a town in Ankeny which is twenty-five miles south. In Iowa, it takes twenty to thirty minutes. In Palestine to travel that much distance takes four hours or a trip from Story County to Minneapolis Minnesota. Also, you cannot build a home without a permit which the IDF never gives. There is no running water for three days while in Israeli settlements they have water 24/7. …

Today I am going to write what the UK Labor Party should do to win. Here is a list of things that need to happen in order for Labor to Win.

1. Keir Starmer Needs to Step Down

There is just no other choice. Keir Starmer is boring and uncharismatic. Also he engineered the disastrous Brexit policy of calling another referendum which was a huge insult for the people in anti Brexit Red Wall constituencies where Labor lost.

The UK Labor Party needs a charismatic and good looking person running and Keir Starmer is neither of these things. Here is a list of the best options for…

Today I am going to write about the Georgia election voting reform bill. In the Georgia State Legislatures, a bill has passed that has passed a series of voting reforms. Here are some of the contents of the bill

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signs Voting Bill into Law.
  • The bill forbids poll workers from giving away food or drink to voters.
  • The bill expands Saturday and Sunday voting from one weekend to two. Though they proposed to limit early voting on weekends but due to criticism and backlash they added that provision
  • Limits the use of ballot drop-off locations.
  • Introduces new voter I.D laws.

This bill is very controversial…

Two days ago actress Gina Carano has been fired from the Mandalorian and Star Wars and won’t be returning to Star Wars at all. I think she has made dumb tweets like the election were rigged and anti-masker stuff I disagree but she shouldn’t be fired.

I think she shouldn’t have been fired because with being an actress or actor it doesn’t matter what your political views are or what your posting on social media what matters is that if you are a talented actress and Gina Carano is very talented actress and smoking hot too. …

Trump after a trial in the Senate has been acquitted with 57 Senators voting to convict and 43 Senators voting to aquit. Honestly, it is not surprising after all you require two-thirds of the Senate to convict a President, and getting two-thirds of the Senate to agree on anything besides helping big corporations will never happen.

Even if you convict him it is obviously going to be challenged in court and Justice Roberts has refused to preside over the hearing because he believed it was unconstitutional.

I red what the Constitution and here's what says in Article II of the…

Putins Palace

Right now Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has published a video in Russia about Putin’s Palace. The palace was paid for by Russian taxpayers and cost 1 billion dollars or 75 billion rubles. The palace contains a strip club, casino despite gambling being illegal in Russia, a hockey rank, a private movie theatre, and a bedroom suite with a sitting room, a bedroom with a TV, and a living room with a tv. I don’t understand why he just doesn’t stick with one bedroom but whatever.

Anyways as a result massive protests have started against Vladimir Putin. For the first…

I am going to write something that is not politics-related for once and instead right about Star Wars. I love Star Wars and the Original Trilogy is one of my favorite movies. My favorite character in Star Wars is Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. He is a complex character that turned from a young boy from Tatooine to a handsome young Jedi Knight to Darth Vader the most ruthless Sith Lord in the galaxy except maybe Palpatine.

I do have mixed feelings about the Prequel Trilogy I did love Revenge of the Sith though the first two I thought were mediocre. I…

Ben Heinrich

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