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2020 is a Phyyric Victory for the Democrats.

It is pretty clear at this point that Joe Biden has won the Presidency. To most networks, Biden has won 253 electoral votes so far but Fox News and Associated Press Biden has won Arizona and currently has 264 electoral votes.

It is clear though that the votes remaining to be counted in Nevada and Pennslyvania are all in Democratic areas like Clark County and Philidelphia and are mail-in ballots.

Despite being clear that Joe Biden has won the networks have refused to call this race. I think the reason why they haven't called this race is that they probably just want ratings or are afraid of causing a national crisis by having Trump use the military or have the state legislatures in gerrymandered states like Pennslyvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin. So they don’t want to start an incident.

While with Georgia it is too close to call so I won’t call Georgia for either candidate and North Carolina Trump has a big lead in North Carolina with 99% of the vote in I will call North Carolina to Donald Trump. Alaska is too early to call because it is huge and there are several votes in the frozen tundras to be counted.

Now the only question right now is how is Donald Trump will leave the White House. I think it is pretty clear that Trump believes the election is rigged and will not leave the white house and I think the Secret Service will be forced to kick him out of the White House or maybe her daughter/lover Ivanka and Jared Kushner will talk to him convincing him to leave.

Now that Orange Buffoon is gone I think he will be bankrupt and the banks will seize his assets destroying his business empire. So I think he will form his Trump TV after leaving the White House and possibly run in 2024 and pull off a Grover Cleveland. Unless of course, he is arrested for financial crimes which are unlikely because he is rich and rich people don’t go to jail in America, and even if they do it is like a Norwegian Prison.

Now the reason why I say it is a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats is that the Dems have failed to take the Senate and lost seats in the House. So as a result the Dems won’t be able to pass any legislation through Congress as it is clear Mitch McConnel and the Republicans will block any legislation the Dems proposes.

I also think it is possible Biden will fail to get a stimulus through Congress. Mitch McConnell will block stimulus from getting through the Senate though it might backfire on the Republicans because when Pelosi blocked the stimulus because she believed it will help Trump if the stimulus is passed before the election she lost seats in the House and some conservative Dems are planning to replace Pelosi.

I think Mitch McConnel is smart enough to know this and will not block a stimulus but it will overwhelmingly help the rich however and it will be CAREs Act 2.0.

However other than a stimulus, I don’t think anything will get done and the Dems are likely to lose the Senate and House as a result of the lack of legislative victories.

Which is why I call it a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats. I will write an article on why Biden has won the election. Honestly, it was close to my final prediction I always knew it will be close.

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